All About Lanyards That Everyone Should Know

lanyardsIt is funny how a piece of rope cord, string, or cloth can evolve into one of the simplest, yet, greatest human inventions. Well, the lanyard probably is not up there along with the other brilliant human creations, like the TV set, radio, mobile phone, cars, airplanes and computers. It is simple, but it does the job it is intended for perfectly. It keeps things in place or some items hanging around the neck. It marks property. It keeps people from falling off buildings and poles. By helping people not to lose stuff, like in the case of ID lanyards, this great human invention helps prevent the undue stress from losing the all-important identification badge. In the days of the great wars, the lanyard probably even helped win wars and save lives of soldiers by simply helping them avoid losing their swords and pistols in the heat of battle. The lanyard may even have helped many a cowboy with their guns in the days of the Wild West.

If people really thought about it, lanyards are just awesome! People might think that the only lanyards out there are ID lanyards. The creative human mind already put the lanyard to a lot of good uses. Get more information about lanyards visit

Here are some examples of lanyards at work:

1. Lanyards as accessories for gadgets and everyday stuff

Today’s technology is miniaturizing everything from telephones, hard drives for data storage, and cameras into small, hand-held items that people carry around. It is not uncommon to hear someone misplacing or losing something valuable. That is just for the valuable electronic stuff. People also have to contend with losing personal belongings like keys and eyeglasses. Even a popular game console controller has a lanyard to keep it from slipping off a player’s wrist.

2. Lanyards for safety

In some cases, lanyards are used to keep a person’s hand or wrist on emergency shutdown switches on machines. These switches are used to turn machines off in emergencies. This type of lanyard can be found commonly in industrial settings. Some exercise treadmills even have this safety feature.

In law enforcement and in military use, lanyards are still used to prevent some equipment from falling off while at work. This is very valuable, especially in crisis situations.

Lanyards can even be considered as the ultimate safety equipment. That is so true in the case of the linemen that the people see working on poles or tall installations. Lanyards keep linemen from falling to the ground. Recreational climbers also use this kind of lanyard. The lanyards used in these situations are made of heavy duty materials that will not break easily.

3. ID lanyards and lanyards as a branding tool

Of course, the list will not be complete without putting ID lanyards on it. Those pesky IDs should not be misplaced. Employees should not be too careless or risk losing entry to workplaces. Same thing applies to students.

As an extension to this IDea, pun intended, these lanyards can extend the reach of a company brand. Companies worldwide are not just putting things around necks just for the sake of keeping those around a person’s neck. By putting company or product names on lanyards, companies can increase brand visibility using employees. Want a brand reminder for customers? Use a lanyard with the name and a company or product logo on it.

To sum it all up, lanyards may often be overlooked as a piece of rope or cloth. Still, it is widely used and essential for people in daily life. Whether it is for keeping things in place or keeping people safe or in commercial use, lanyards are here to stay.


Lanyards for the Prevention of Hazards

A lanyard is arope-like material worn around a person’s neck which has loop of wire or thread or even an adjustable hook as an end, enabling the object to grab unto things. This is primarily used to hold things such as gadgets, keys, even different kinds of cards, in order for a person to easily bring these things as one and to also prevent himself or herself from forgetting to bring the said things.

From an unobserving point-of-view, a lanyard seems pretty useless because there are other ways a person can bring things, like the use of simple bags. But, given a hazardous situation in which unfortunate events happen, lanyards could be really proven useful. Imagine a scenario where a sudden blackout happens and the person couldn’t see anything, leaving him or her unable to rummage his or her bag for a source of light, what would he do? If the person was fortunate enough to have a lanyard with him or her with a penlight attached to it, or even his or her own phone, then things would turn up for the good.

LanyardsAnother scenario likely to happen is an attempted assault, like plans of stealing or even kidnapping. What if a person suddenly stumbles upon a deranged person in the middle of the night without any people around, what chances will he or she would be able to protect himself or herself? Finding time to look for a weapon at the surroundings will be very hard, even with the possession of it inside a carried bag if there is, and running is a risky option. But then, if that person has a lanyard with a self-defense weapon attached to it, then he or she could really have a chance.

In modern times, unfortunate events are likely to occur, and they are inevitable. The best way to act is be prepared always, and by being prepared, one has to be alert and should be able to have all of his or her needed things close to him or her at all times. And clearly one method of doing this is through the use of lanyards. By attaching important things such as an identification card, self-defense weapons such as a small knife or even keys, one could be able to spare his life. He or she would be able to protect himself or herself by using these tools, and if the unpromising thing happens, at least someone would be able to identify that person.

Aside from the prevention of hazardous events, lanyards could also serve as a person’s way of recognition, be it from a company or from a school he or she is currently at.

These could also be a form of handling the security of a place by having all the members of a community or organization lanyards with the same logos and/or designs, these could also be a way of showing unity and cooperation of a certain group. With all of the mentioned purposes, a lanyard is, without a doubt, a very useful thing to have on a person. Be it for bringing certain tools or personal stuff, or for representation of being a member of a group.

In conclusion, no one should underestimate the usefulness of a lanyard, even if it just looks like a plain accessory. Aside from enabling a person to bring needed things with him or her at all times, it should also enable him or her to have easy access on these things because they are technically just clipped on by just above his or her chest. Enabling a person to have easy access to these certain things also enable him or her the chance of protecting his or her life in hazardous situations, just proving how much of a help a lanyard truly is.