How to Know if your SEO Firm is really doing its Job

If you come to think of it, SEO is not cheap. However, if you want real money then you must be willing to spend real money first. However, if you are cautious enough, you could just end up spending money on the wrong transactions.

When it comes to running website, small business owners or start-up businesses tend to entrust the success of their entire business on their SEO firm. In some cases though, your SEO firm might be ruining your chances for success instead of helping you.

Here are few of the things that can help you assess of your SEO firm is interested and willing in helping you or not.

1. They share with you the actual SEO practices that they have been doing.

seo-best-practicesThey may not be able to show you significant results or a significant rise of your rank during the first few months. However, you SEO firm must at least update you on what actions have been taken and results of those actions. They should at least discuss with you their course of action.

During the first few months, they should be able to audit your site and analyses your site links. They should also be able to show optimized content and blog articles with links to your site.

The progress though may vary from one site to another but the main point here, your SEO firm must give you regular updates about the work that they are doing. If you are not getting any update from them and you are not seeing any improvement in your site’s status then perhaps you might have to do your own investigation if it is still worth keeping them.

2. They do not consult you for anything.

This is a red alert for any business or website owner. If your SEO is really doing what they are supposed to do then they should consult you to get a few things from you.

They might contact you to borrow or get your admin access to CMS, ask to view your analytics, access social media accounts or they might ask you for a list of target keywords. They may be the experts when it comes to SEO but they should still engage you with the entire process. If they do not consult you for anything after the first instalment of your payment, then they might not be doing anything. It is still your responsibility to oversee the productivity of your staff including your SEO firm.

3. Your traffic drops and your revenue drops.

traffic-dropsA traffic drop is like a rank loss. The main reason why you hired an SEO firm is to help you increase traffic to your website and get you to the top rank. If you traffic and ranking drops, you have every right to be suspicious. If they are not giving you any update of the work that they have been doing, you have the right to demand.

You need to cross-examine the things that they have been doing and track the activities that had taken place when your ranking dropped. There could different reason why your ranking drops. Your SEO agency may or may not have to do with it but as the owner, you cannot really place the fate of your business in the hands of other people.

However, not every drop in ranking or decrease in traffic is a bad a thing. Your SEO consultants might have tweaked a few things in your site that results in a higher revenue.

4.    You received a manual penalty after you hired them.

google_penaltyYou cannot blame your SEO firm for every mishap that happens tour site after you hired them however, things like this should not be ignored. A manual penalty is the worst thing that can happen to your site. Your site will get manual penalty if your site had been causing spam contents. This could give your site a lot of traffic but this is the worst way of gaining traffic to your site. It can ruin your site reputation.

This is the reason why it is alarming to get a manual penalty. You can ask your SEO of what they were doing at that time and ask them to help you fix the issue. Do not immediately blame them for what happened because they might have nothing to do with it.

However, if they really caused the issue, ask them to fix the issue immediately. If they continue to cause you trouble then maybe you really have to replace them.

Your SEO firm might be ruining your chances for success instead of helping you. If you’re still looking for an SEO specialist, you should probably check out nyseoexplode – a trusted name in search optimization.